Weighted Blankets

weighted blanket

How can something so simple as sleeping with weighted blankets be a solution to stress, anxiety, insomnia and more? Messed up sleep can create a long list of secondary issues that can quickly become primary concerns if insomnia or other disturbances continue untreated. Lack of sleep, whether it’s medically related or anxiety-driven, can throw off your normal functioning during the day. Concentration becomes difficult, productivity at work or school begins to suffer, irritability can have you lashing out at family and friends, and you also become at risk for serious health issues like heart attacks.

Deep pressure touch stimulation (or DPTS) is a type of therapy that almost anyone can benefit from. Similar to getting a massage, the pressure exerted over the body has physical and psychological advantages. According to Temple Grandin, Ph.D., “Deep touch pressure is the type of surface pressure that is exerted in most types of firm touching, holding, stroking, petting of animals, or swaddling. [sic] Occupational therapists have observed that a very light touch alerts the nervous system, but deep pressure is relaxing and calming.”

Traditionally, weighted blankets are used as part of occupational therapy for children experiencing sensory disorders, anxiety, stress or issues related to autism. “In psychiatric care, weighted blankets are one of our most powerful tools for helping people who are anxious, upset, and possibly on the verge of losing control,” says Karen Moore, OTR/L, an occupational therapist in Franconia, N.H.

So, How Does It Work?

A weighted blanket molds to your body like a warm hug. The pressure also helps relax the nervous system.  It’s a totally safe and effective non-drug therapy for sleep and relaxation naturally. Psychiatric, trauma, geriatric, and pediatric hospital units use weighted blankets to calm a patient’s anxiety and promote deep, restful sleep. In a similar way to swaddling comforting an infant, the weight and pressure of an adult provide comfort and relief.

When pressure is gently applied to the body, it encourages serotonin production, which lifts your mood. When serotonin naturally converts to melatonin, your body takes the cue to rest.


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Buy Glass beads; they will have the best healing energy than the plastic beads.


weighted blanket



Can A Piece of Fabric Help Your Body Heal?
Our poor bodies get attacked daily. When on sleep under the linen the linen will produce a frequency the will help the body heal.  “In 2003, a study was done by a Jewish doctor, Heidi Yellen, on the frequencies of fabric.  According to this study, the human body has a signature frequency of 100, and organic cotton is the same – 100.  The study showed that if the number is lower than 100, it puts a strain on the body.  A diseased, nearly dead person has a frequency of about 15, and that is where polyester, rayon, and silk register. Nonorganic cotton registers a signature frequency of about 70. However, if the fabric has a higher frequency, it gives energy to the body.  This is where linen comes in as a super-fabric.  Its frequency is 5,000.”Dr. Philip Callahan, a noted physician, and researcher was able to prove the existence of this energy using plant leaves attached to an oscilloscope. About six months ago, he visited me in California and showed me a new development. He had discovered that flax cloth, as suggested in the Books of Moses [the Torah or Pentateuch], acts as an antenna for the energy. He found that when the pure flax cloth was put over a wound or local pain, it greatly accelerated the healing process. He was also using the flax seed cloth as a sophisticated antenna for his oscilloscope.  This is the instrument that he uses to determine the energy of flax.” 

Life-giving Linen

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Dr.Heidi Crawford-Yellen June 2, 2009
Testimonies: When wearing 100% linen, many individuals have testified that their healing was rapid. Post injury or surgical pain was substantially reduced (without the use of prescription or over the counter drugs) when using linen bandages and wearing linen clothing. This information which would be a little-noticed matter except for this research which demonstrates why it was a necessary part of the path of faith. A most remarkable testimony was shared by a Karaite Jew:
He testified of his linen tallit, (prayer shawl) that
was precious to him. This prayer shawl was so familiar to him that it was similar to a well-worn Holy Scriptures whose pages had become regularly touched with use. In questioning him as to why he still had it, he opened up to share a remarkable testimony. Thirteen years previously, his wife was in labor and delivered an infant that failed to breathe. Calling the emergency 911 team, they waited gripped with the inevitable loss of an infant in ‘stillbirth.’ Grief-struck, he grabbed his prayer shawl and held his daughter in his arms for an agonizing 30 minutes. He recited the prayers of faith while waiting for
the team to arrive. Unbelievably, according to his account, when the paramedics arrived and had not yet touched the infant, there was a dramatic color change for the infant and breathing had resumed! He testified that this special child has a brilliant mind and does well in school. This amazing miracle involved use of a specific linen tallit that would be ‘swaddling.’ Did this linen prayer shawl contribute to the healing of this infant- demonstrating the benefits of obedience to the specific divine requirements for linen religious ceremonies as revealed above as recorded in the Holy Scriptures?


Testimony: Application of linen to those that are very ill has been rewarding. One testimony not yet published is an accident with the kitchen knife where the knife cut the digit of the index finger. There was significant damage to diagnosed severed ligaments and tendons. With the immediate application of cotton and regular bandages, the pain was excruciating. With the change to linen wrap, the pain was immediately resolved WITHOUT ANY DRUGS.

Another linen testimony – an elderly woman with diagnosed 3 compression fractures of the spine. She heard of our research and applied the linen and shawl with fringes. She reports that she is 95% improved to now do gardening and housework again. She is elated.

Another 91 years old had the excruciating pain of the ankle during the night. She grabbed a linen cloth and wrapped it around her ankle to report after a wonderful sleep that it was perfect without pain.

Sincerely, Dr. Heidi Yellen mailto:drheidiyellen@hotmail.com

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas

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●      Sauna therapy has many health benefits, including expelling of toxins, improving blood circulation, killing disease-causing microbes and improving mitochondrial function

●      Regular sauna use may also reduce your risk of death from any cause, including lethal cardiovascular events, and may help stave off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

●      Men who used a sauna four to seven times a week had a 66 percent lower risk of developing dementia and 65 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s, compared to men who used the sauna only once a week

The infrared sauna detoxifies the body of heavy metals and toxins that are locked up in the fat cells.

Heavy metals and toxins are known to promote an environment in the body that is a microbe heaven. They cause over-cooling of the body, hypersensitivities, allergic tendencies, and direct toxic effects on the body as a whole.

Infrared saunas work by emitting far infrared energy, which penetrates the body just over 1 ½ inches! The deep penetration of heat is much more efficient than traditional saunas. Infrared is a fascinating technology. Scientific research has now resulted in saunas that emit a finely tuned infrared energy output that closely matches the body’s radiant energy. What this means is that almost 93% of the infrared waves are absorbed into the body. Therefore, the body heats up, but the air in the sauna remains cooler. The cooler environment of the sauna is much more pleasant to sit in, and the air is not so hot to breathe.

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PES Detox System

PES Detox Systems

by Platinum Energy Systems
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Toxin accumulation can no longer be thought of as simple. In reality, there is a compounding effect that occurs when a cocktail of substances is combined, even apparently non-toxic ones. The combination of metals is the “synergistic” effect… we are coming to realize. Dr. Hal Huggins explains the synergistic effect of heavy metals: “Combination of substances in toxicology can be greater than the sum of the parts: with lead and mercury, for instances, a toxicity rating of 1 for each mercury and lead equals not 2, but 60 – when combined.

“Why clearing toxicity matters so much.”

Many people tell me the remedies make them sick. This always can be a possibility but 9 times out of 10 their body is not flushing out the dead bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites, fast enough. Plus the live “critters” are screaming and are doing everything to tell your brain to stop killing them, so these critters make you feel sick so you will stop killing them!

Most chronically ill people are in this situation because the lymphatic system is clogged, or slow moving. Therefore, before you say these remedies don’t work, back off the remedies and get extremely serious about getting the toxins out of your body.

This PES Detox System is a safe, effective and consistent piece of equipment to help you body heal faster.

Also, did you know that an increasing body of evidence supports the view that depression and black moods are caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry?

  1. Excess acidity prevents nerve cells in the brain from functioning normally – the body’s natural balance, homeostasis, has been severely affected. This imbalance causes a higher level of agitation and restlessness because the brain has detected that it is under attack. This restlessness becomes even more evident as you try to sleep.
  2. Heavy metals, such as mercury, interrupt the connections and nerve impulses in the brain. (To see this happening, see “How mercury causes brain neuron damage,” a YouTube video from the University of Calgary.) Mercury affects the normal functioning of the brain, causing a higher level of agitation and anxiety. These feelings will show up when you try to rest, and will surely affect your night’s sleep. KellyAnn ,Platinum Energy

Ginny Chandoha wrote this book for people who are told that there is no cure for Lichen Sclerosis. I find this book and easy read to reach anyone on how to stop poisoning oneself with toxins that hide in everything. This is a great “How To Book”.

Ginny Chandoha Lichen