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PES Detox Systems

by Platinum Energy Systems
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Toxin accumulation can no longer be thought of as simple. In reality, there is a compounding effect that occurs when a cocktail of substances is combined, even apparently non-toxic ones. The combination of metals is the “synergistic” effect… we are coming to realize. Dr. Hal Huggins explains the synergistic effect of heavy metals: “Combination of substances in toxicology can be greater than the sum of the parts: with lead and mercury, for instances, a toxicity rating of 1 for each mercury and lead equals not 2, but 60 – when combined.

“Why clearing toxicity matters so much.”

Many people tell me the remedies make them sick. This always can be a possibility but 9 times out of 10 their body is not flushing out the dead bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites, fast enough. Plus the live “critters” are screaming and are doing everything to tell your brain to stop killing them, so these critters make you feel sick so you will stop killing them!

Most chronically ill people are in this situation because the lymphatic system is clogged, or slow moving. Therefore, before you say these remedies don’t work, back off the remedies and get extremely serious about getting the toxins out of your body.

This PES Detox System is a safe, effective and consistent piece of equipment to help you body heal faster.

Also, did you know that an increasing body of evidence supports the view that depression and black moods are caused by an imbalance in brain chemistry?

  1. Excess acidity prevents nerve cells in the brain from functioning normally – the body’s natural balance, homeostasis, has been severely affected. This imbalance causes a higher level of agitation and restlessness because the brain has detected that it is under attack. This restlessness becomes even more evident as you try to sleep.
  2. Heavy metals, such as mercury, interrupt the connections and nerve impulses in the brain. (To see this happening, see “How mercury causes brain neuron damage,” a YouTube video from the University of Calgary.) Mercury affects the normal functioning of the brain, causing a higher level of agitation and anxiety. These feelings will show up when you try to rest, and will surely affect your night’s sleep. KellyAnn ,Platinum Energy

Ginny Chandoha wrote this book for people who are told that there is no cure for Lichen Sclerosis. I find this book and easy read to reach anyone on how to stop poisoning oneself with toxins that hide in everything. This is a great “How To Book”.

Ginny Chandoha Lichen


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